To stop the Silence and Empower the voice of a child affected by sexual child abuse, exploitation, trafficking and/or the effects of sexual addiction through research, rescuing, and restorative measures consisting of psychological safety. 

Let us interlock our hearts as a community task force of safety for our children in preventing or breaking a child sexual abuse victim’s silence of secrecy, fear and shame.          ~ Lisa Newman RN CCRN SANE/Founder/CEO

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To develop systems through research, rescue, and restoration in Child Psychological Safety that train professionals, improve protection and promote healing for the child affected by sexual abuse, addiction, exploitation, and/or trafficking for the purpose of eliminating the fear and shame factor that manipulates a child to silence.



The Fear2Freedom LIFE project is dedicated to a long term approach through Research, Rescue and Restoration in combatting the modern day slavery that exists through child sexual abuse, exploitation, trafficking, and the effects of sexual addiction. Silence is a symptom coerced by fear, shame, and manipulation. Our purpose is to rescue and restore this silent generation of 17 years and younger.



We are family members, survivors, and advocates passionate and dedicated to stand in the gap between the child victim and the abuser with an ultimate goal to abolish modern day slavery and break the cycle of sexual addiction, sexual exploitation, and human trafficking.



We are Researching evidence based protocols, policies, and legislation for psychological communication tools geared toward the age development of the child. We are developing age specific algorithms for investigators to follow concerning adequate evidence based on a child’s behavior, capacity, and level of disclosure. We are also working with forensic interviewers, Child Advocacy therapists the Department of Children and Families, Victim Advocates and law enforcement to gain their needed input. Understanding a child and gathering evidence is detrimental in stopping the cycle of abuse for the child victim, as well as the abuser.

We are implementing training initiatives to present prevention, as well as, child sexual abuse and trafficking identifiers associated with the psychological behavior of a child victim. Our training will be formatted to meet standards required for Professional CEU’s.  Rescuing through resources and training will empower first responders, such as, Teachers, Health care providers, Law enforcement, DCF, and Child Care providers to recognize and rescue a child trapped in the silence of sexual abuse.




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